Coffee Pods 

Coffee, Ginseng, Orzo 

E.s.e. pods are made of vegetal fiber filter paper. Zero environmental impact, fully biodegradable; compatible with all espresso coffee machines.

E.S.E. (Easy Serving Espresso) is a technology that simplifies the making of a good coffee by easy gestures.

The concept of “free choice” and “guarantee” is achieved pairing products and coffee machines E.s.e. certified.

Pods are single piece packed; roasted and ground coffee  is measured and pressed  inside two sheets of paper (about 8gr each pod). Pods are always packed in a protected atmosphere and hermetically closed, in order to grant a constant quality of the product, always.

Why Coffee Pods?

- Customizable packaging and Menu

- Large selection of different taste, products, and quality

- Everyone from your staff could be able to  make a good coffee

- Easy storage 

- Suitable for places with high humidity

Customized Menu 

menu coffee.pdf

Our Pods Selections