Your Brand on our coffee We offer to Client the possibility to create a product with their own brand


The most ancient coffee blend is the mokha-java, existing since the origin of coffee trade. The two ports of  Yemen and Indonesia were the most important of that time and coffee was 50/50 blended.
Today, this famous blend is still existing although it is often used a mixture of an east-african coffee like the Ethiopy and the Sumatra Mandhling from Indonesia.


Developing a coffee blend means deeply knowing the organoleptic characteristics of each origin, balancing them to give the product a specific personality, easily recognizable by taste and scent.

In addiction, blending makes you aware about natural origin and life of coffee, its quality may change from a harvest to another.
It is not possible to define once and forever a blend. To keep its characteristics unvaried we must be ready to intervene, to change percentages of the  composition, every time it is needed.
From a sensory point of view, mixing more types of coffeesgets you into the three basic targets for a perfect blend:

  • Strenght
  • Perfection
  • Intensity

It is very difficult to create a blend with a polyphonic combination of positive and perfect scents. It depends, most of all, on experience and the wise art of blending.


Our packaging doesn’t only protect the product, it communicates. Therefore, creating a customized packaging is important to send the right message and increase sales.

Our service flexibility, together with proper, simple but effective technologies, let us support and realize the production of new Brands, creating new economies that gives value to personal business realities.